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Tea tree:

The name tea tree is in fact a misnomer as the tree has no connection with tea plants. This name was given by Captain James Cook’s crew when they came across large areas while exploring North Eastern Australia in the 1770s. They drank the local brew made from Melaleuca alternifolia leaves and found the taste to be similar to tea and since these leaves came from small trees, it was called tea tree.

Melaleuca alternifolia:

As with all fauna and flora designations, this is a Latin name. Mela means black, leuca means white, alterni means alternating and folia means leaves. The black and white refers to the look of the tree bark which resembles strips of paper that peel off naturally.

So Melaleuca alternifolia is a tree that looks black and white with alternating small leaves.

Melaleuca alternifolia leaf essential oil:

Melaleuca alternifolia leaf essential oil is the unique active ingredient in 98alive™.


The name and logo reflects the 98 natural compounds identified in our refined oil. This lies at the heart of the product and explains the incredible breadth of its applications. The word ‘alive’ describes the beneficial impact of this product on people – it improves immune health and general wellbeing.

The Circle ‘V’ logo:

The logo featuring the V of 98alive™ inside a circle with the tagline ‘Victory Be In It’ symbolises the victory of 98alive™ and the ability of those who enjoy its immune support powers to lead healthy lives.


Not just the "Common Cold"

It's that time of the year that we see the emergence of the common cold and flu into our midst. It is time to review our protection regime by taking M.A.C. daily and if a sign of the maladies appear to increase the capsule taken to 2 am and 2 pm for 3 days to prevent the infection from taking hold.

Make sure you have your stock in hand and if you follow this simple action the cold or flu will disappear within 2 to 3 days.

Neither my wife or I have had a cold or flu in over the last 13 years this shows the effects of the treatment regime.

Be prepared and take the extra dose as soon as the symptoms appear.

Professor Reynolds

See the section in Research called Special Reports from Professor Reynolds.

Recently released:

A Natural Cleansing Bar to improve skin care and is made from MAC, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and shea butter.

98Alive Immune Support Syrup is available for those needing a liquid form of our capsules that is easier to take for those that struggle with the capsules or wanting to control the dosage more finely.

MAY 2016

Latest results of our research show that Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Concentrate was used to challenge West Nile fever virus and laboratory results showed positive results.

Only 98Alive TM is developed with a unique formula that is patented in a number of countries including the USA and Australia.

Professor Reynolds was one of the five international Keynote speakers at the 3rd International Conference on Clinical Microbiology in Valencia Spain.